Red To Blue

Indivisible is a national, statewide and local organization

Individual DuPage is the sponsor of this website. To join us, please fill out this membership form. You can also visit us on Facebook.

We are affiliated with national Indivisible. Visiting the national website will provide you with a wealth of opportunities to get involved in nationally organized events focussed on defeating Trump, flipping the Senate and keeping the House.

Indivisible is partnering this election cycle with VoteFWD. VoteFWD provides activists with names, addresses and a data-driven proven template to write letters to voters in important swing states.

Through Indivisible's tools, you'll be connected with registered voters in target states across the country. This year, we are focusing on talking to Democratic voters, from never-voters to semi-frequent voters, to remind them to vote in November. We know that we can’t win this cycle without a wave of Democratic support up and down the ballot. Here are additional links: