Red To Blue

If you don't want to wake up on November 4 wondering what you might have done to defeat Trump, flip the Senate and hold the House, now is the time to get started! Whether you are an experienced activist or brand new to political activism, this is your time to make a difference - for an hour, or even ten minutes, a day!

For quick action links, check out our Indivisible DuPage newsletter archive, updated every week with phone banking, text banking and other opportunities!

We know that Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania & Florida are some of the most important swing states in the race for Electoral College votes. But we also know that there are flippable Senate seats in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, North & South Carolina, among others. And, in many states, there are candidates who are attempting to change the balance of power in their own legislatures. Still others are working to preserve the Congressional positions they flipped in 2018. Finally, there are multi-state postcard & phone banking campaigns to a variety of voters. You can find more information and sign-ups for 14 important states at the Demcast site! And, every campaign needs financial support!

Because we are based in Illinois, we encourage support for our own state and Congressional candidates:

Illinois Congressional races that would welcome your support: Marie Newman candidate 3rd District, Sean Casten incumbent 6th District, Betsy Dirksen Londrigan candidate 13th District, Lauren Underwood incumbent 14th District, Erika Weaver candidate 15th District, Dani Brzozowski candidate 16th District. There are also other popular Democratic incumbents.

Vote By Mail Info

It has become apparent that promoting Vote-By-Mail (VBM) is a responsible way to address health concerns, especially in the age of COVID-19. We cannot predict the severity of the public health concerns we will have in November, so we must prepare now to protect our votes! Donald Trump's incessant efforts to derail the election of Democrats and to delegitimize the upcoming November election, make it more important than ever to be prepared! As you are preparing to connect with voters and promote Virus-Free Voting, take a look here and at info from Axios which provides VBM information for a number of states and Illinois counties. Info will be added as we receive it.

Who we are

We are activists who have joined with Indivisible DuPage to highlight Senate candidates who have a good shot at winning their seats and flipping the Senate from Red to Blue in November. We are also promoting amazing candidates at the bottom of some ballots, in conjunction with the policies of activist groups in different states. This latter effort is intended to get potential voters excited about more local down-ballot candidates so they are more likely to vote and will then vote up the ticket for Democratic candidates from House to Senate to President! For information on joining IndivisibleDuPage, enter your contact information here. Find us on Facebook . Find Current Indivisible actions here.