Red To Blue

How will you choose the campaign(s) you want to support? And how will you support them? There are so many opportunities...In addition to what you see here, you can find more information and sign-ups for 14 important states here. You can "adopt a State" with VoteSaveAmerica.

Flippable Senate Races
Incumbent Democratic Senator Doug Jones is facing a tough re-election against ardent Trump supporter Republican Tommy Tuberville. This seat needs to stay Democratic if we are going to flip the Senate. This race is expected to be tough.
Democrat and retired NASA astronaut Mark Kelly is running a vigorous race against Trump supporting Republican-appointed Martha McSally. This race is often described as "leaning left", with latest polls showing Kelly with a double-digit lead! Phone bank with the Yavapai County Dems
John Hickenlooper, former Democratic governor of Colorado, is challenging incumbent Republican Corey Gardner, who is considered to be quite vulnerable due to his allegiance to Donald Trump. This race is often described as "leaning left". Click here for Colorado Text Team training
Theresa Greenfield is a Democrat running against one-term Republican Senator Jodi Ernst. This will be a tight race but Greenfield definitely has potential to win. Ernst has low ratings for both environmental issues and healthcare, notably voting to repeal the ACA. Greenfield is a single mom who has worked hard and got help from the social security safety net when her husband died. She wants to help all working families and ensure no one is left behind. Also join the Northwest Iowa Phone Bank
Dr. Barbara Bollier is a Democrat running for Senator against Dr. Roger Marshall. This race will be much harder for Democrats to win since the ultraconservative controversial Kris Kobach did not win the Republican primary. However, Dr. Bollier is a former Republican and should be powerful in exposing the worst aspects of the Republican party, specifically in the area of healthcare. Also, Team Kansas Wednesday Phone Bank
Retired Marine Corps veteran Amy McGrath is a Democrat running against the reviled Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, who has done nothing but obstruct any attempt for even debate on legislation coming out of the House of Representatives. He proudly calls himself the grim reaper, which in current times is horrendous. McGrath won a hard fought primary and is more than ready to win in the general election.
Democrat Sarah Gideon, Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, is running to unseat longtime Republican Senator Susan Collins, who has proven herself to be a clear ally of Donald Trump, voting with him 70% of the time, while staging embarassing and dramatic scenes in which she pretends to care about a woman's right to choose and universal health care. In contrast, Gideon has a strong record on both these issues, and is a committed public servant for families in need. This race is one of the most closely watched in the Senate. Also, phone bank with training with Maine Dems
North Carolina
Democrat and former North Carolina State Senator Cal Cunningham is running to unseat one-term Republican Senator Thom Tillis, who has a 90% pro-Trump voting record in the Senate. Cunningham has vowed to take no money from PACs. The latest polls favor Cunningham. See also Swing Left Virtual Phone Bank
South Carolina
The first African American chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party Jamie Harrison, is running to unseat the reviled Lindsay Graham, most recently showing his hypocrisy and dishonesty in the Amy Coney Barrett SCOTUS hearings. Harrison has outpaced Graham in fundraising and also in popularity. The race is statistically tied, and he really needs our help! Harrison was raised by a single mother, and knows what it means to break down barriers and face hardships head-on.
Swing States
Neither of Florida’s two Replublican Senators (Marco Rubio and Rick Scott) are up for election this year. However Florida is a very important state for the Presidential election. They need to get high Democratic turnout. Go to the Florida Dems to see how you can get help get the vote out in Florida. Also, text bank with the Miami-Dade Dems
The incumbent Democratic Senator Gary Peters is in a noncompetitive race for re-election, but the state of Michigan is an important swing state for the Presidential race. There is a lot of activity all the way up and down the ballot! Please review this document to learn about several Democratic candidates we can support, along with info about phone banks & postcards.
Neither of Ohio’s current Senators (Sherrod Brown-D and Robert Portman-R) are up for election this year. Although Trump won Ohio by a large margin, recent polls show a virtual tie so this state is definitely in play. Visit the Ohio Dems to see how you can help get the vote out in Ohio!
Neither of Pennsylvania’s current Senators (Bob Casey-D and Pat Toomey-R) are up for election this year. In 2016, Trump won Pennsylvania by only 44,000 votes. Go to the Pennsylvania Dems to see how you can help get the vote out in Pennsylvania.
There is no Senate race in 2020 but Wisconsin is a state that is crucial to Biden's Electoral College victory. Also, Wisconsin has a long history of voter suppression, and the Democrats have responded in a number of ways: a vibrant Voter Protection Hotline, phone banking and postcarding. Please review this document to see what you can do to support our neighbors to the north!