Red To Blue

If you want to flip the Senate BLUE, now is the time to have Georgia on your mind! Join us to write postcards to Georgia, donate and phone bank!

For quick action links, check out our Indivisible DuPage newsletter archive, updated every week with phone banking, text banking and other opportunities!

We are "on call" regarding any Protect the Results actions we might take. With the GSA ascertainment of the Biden/Harris victory, we are monitoring Donald Trump's actions to assault our democracy.

Who we are

We are activists who joined with Indivisible DuPage to highlight Senate candidates who had a good shot at winning their seats and flipping the Senate from Red to Blue in November. We also promoted amazing candidates at the bottom of some ballots, in conjunction with the policies of activist groups in different states. Our intention was to get potential voters excited about more local down-ballot candidates so they would be more likely to vote up and down the ticket for Democratic candidates from House to Senate to President! Alas, the results in the Senate races were disappointing, but Georgia is still in play! For information on joining IndivisibleDuPage, enter your contact information here. Find us on Facebook . Find Current Indivisible actions here.